Alice is the benevolent queen of Lenore and the enemy of the Eld Witch.

Alice is a powerful sorceress and the Queen of Lenore.

History Edit

Queen Alice is a great witch who defeated the Eld Witch and brought peace to the land 1000 years ago. Queen Alice also helped the soothe the Ice Queen's sorrow over the loss of her kids, created Rem Sacchras and turned Aquell into a mermaid.

Liddell and Loue see her in her card throne and is killed by the Eld Witch in the first playthrough. When Liddell defeats the Eld Witch in the first playthrough, Alice's servents try to make Liddell the new Alice which causes Liddell to wake up. Later, Lou talks to her shadow about Liddell. The game hints that Queen Alice is actually Liddell's mother.

Personality Edit

Queen Alice appears to be a wise and benevolent ruler with a calm,refined demeanor. She is admired and respected by many, including Liddell. She is prepared to make difficult decisions for the benefit of everyone such as when she sacrificed Gretel to the Evil of Rem Sacchras.

Appearance Edit

Alice has long blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She wears a red dress with white detail. She wears a bow in her hair and carries a scepter with a heart motif.

Abilities Edit

Alice is possibly immortal as she has lived for over one thousand years yet has remained young.

Alice is a very powerful witch, powerful enough to rival the Eld Witch. She can use rune magic, including Frei, Vile, Biota, Supra, Volc and Thun. Alice created an entire, new kingdom out of candy. She could also transform people as she turned Aquell into a mermaid.

Idol description Edit

A kind and beautiful witch queen who rises to stop all evil and to protect the good from harm. She fights for whats right and does what she has to for peace.

Trivia Edit

  • She is based on Alice, the main protagonist from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, both by Lewis Carroll.
    • Her appearance also alludes to the Queen of Hearts from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
    • Her kingdom, Lenore is based on Wonderland.

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