Thun Abyss

Princess Doll

Dorothy Doll


Mira, Dumbo


Thunder Lion

Artis is the machine kingdom, they fought the great war with only machines, no magic. They stood with their friends, then all turned to scrap. Artis was not afraid of magic. The scent of oil, the sound of metal in deep bass hits. Welcome to Artis, a dream world for any man's man. Artis is the last Kingdom before Lenore that Liddell goes to for the final sigil. The whole kingdom is bassed around machines and has a steampunk fashion.
Mangled Clock

Artis Painting

Painting In Artis

While in Artis, you come across a painting that was Queen Dorothy's servants. The Scarecrow and Tinman ask you to help the princess and open the gate, then they say they pray that they could lend Dorothy their power.


After Defeating The Thunder Lion


Dorothy is the princess of Artis, the machine kingdom.

Princess Dorothy

Dorothy's father was killed by his most trusted servant,

causing Dorothy to not trust anyone, including those

who have trust in her. When you first go to Artis,

Loue jokes with Liddell saying;

"Will we be able to move her iron heart?"

Which made Liddell think the princess was a robot.

But in truth, she just doesn't trust anyone.


  • Mira - Electricity Bridge
  • Dumbo - Engine Bridge

Princess Doll

After defeating the Thunder Lion Dorothy claims that part           
Dorothy Doll

of her needs to go with you to defeat the Eld Witch.

Her crystal is purple, and can be found in the room 

with the painting.

Items For "Machine Key"

  • Cursed Oil
  • Lightbulb
  • Broken Spring


Mini Boss(es): Robot

Boss: Thunder Lion

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