Dodo is a character found in every realm, and claims to tell a story of Tauth the Doll. In each kingdom, he tells a new part of the story. He isn't important, nor does he give you items, but he does give you an idea of why the Tauth Dolls exist.

For those of you who would like to read the story all together as one big piece, it's all here.

Rem SacchrasEdit

Behind the sweet scent lies great bitterness. My name is Dodo. I pass on stories of greatness. I travel the world as a cursed being. Please hear me. The night is long and we have ample time. The tale of Tauth the Doll.

Rem BoreasEdit

Unchanging, from long ago, since ancient times... Howling storms, whispering frost... frozen fingertips. Stitches made from rainbow threat, wish upon the doll, woven with wishes, the doll is hidden in the hills. Since time out of mind, odd traditions remain.


The moon chants a lullaby on a deep, quiet night. Who wishes to the doll? Child? Maiden? Hag? "My dearest Tauth, please find a home... Find someone who can grant my wish..." A heart's silent plea drifts away on the dusky wind...


The red moon can even reach deep underwater. The faint glow leads the way to mountains and valleys, and unto the sea, where they hide their prayer dolls. "Dear Tauth, please carry my wish to someone..." Whoever finds the doll can create a miracle. Hiding, waiting, dreaming...


Fiery winds and painful hope burn this body, this heart. Each uneven stitch is woven with its master's desires. Even now, all over the world the little dolls await, battered by dusty winds, but still holding firm... Quietly waiting for the day to rest in someone's arms.


Even in this mechanical town exists an arcane tradition. Since dolls can wait longer than any clock can count, folks believed a special power could grow within. Using its new master, it'd grant the wishes of its last. That's how everyone knew the dolls had special power. Long ago, in distant times. Since time out of mind... that's how the story goes.

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