This is a list of the monsters of Florin with their weaknesses:

  • Beauty Fungus: Fire (Volc)
  • Dark Warlock: Expa
  • Death Boy : Expa
  • Demon Bee: Expa
  • Fungicorps: Fire (Volc)
    • Their attacks have a small chance of putting their target to sleep.
  • Heart's Tail: Water (Supra), Ice (Frei)
  • Kachiwara: Expa
    • Their melee attacks critically hit often, and can paralyze.
  • Lost Doll: Expa
  • Melt O'Clock: Expa
  • Metabone: Thun
    • Can start the battle in a deep sleep. Damage will not wake him, but he will wake up after a few turns.
  • Muckmuck: Expa
  • Oolong: Thun
  • Pinchy Pinchy: Ice (Frei)
  • Psychochigo: Fire (Volc)
  • Shadow Ghost: Expa
  • Vine Ghost: Fire (Volc)
  • Mourning Blossom:

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