Locations of the Chests that contains the Flower Petal and The Ice Crusher

It's an ingredient for the "Ice Key" which opens the castle of Rem Boreas

To obtain this item follow the instructions:

  • First you have to get the Iceberg Tip to get through the Ice Cavern on the North West of the kingdom.
  • At the Ice Cavern you must get the Snow Grass along with the Mother's and Child's Tears.
  • Then go to the Mother Stone where you got the Ice Star and melt the Ice blocks (The pink and the green one).
  • On the 1F of the Family Rock/Mother Stone you will find the Ice Crusher. It's a bomb for the Ice block covering the entrance of the Underground Path at the South East of the kingdom on the Blizzard Lake.
  • On the 2F you will find the Flower Petal.

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