The man in front of the "Ice Cave"

The Iceberg Tip is an ingredient for the "Ice Key" which opens the castle of Rem Boreas

To obtain this item follow this instructions:

  • At the entrance go to the west, you will enter to a cave, in which going up, you will find the Ice Star (This will permit you to create ice paths in some parts of the map)
  • Go to the North of Rem Boreas, in a little passage to the west, you will find another cave with a man on the floor. He will ask you to bring him some water.
  • Go to the Eternal Spring (which is located from the entrance to the east/right). There Liddell will use the Ice Star to create an ice path (this path leads you to the crystal chamber of the Hansel Doll).
  • At the Eternal Spring talk to the BLUE spirit. It will ask you to find the Holy Leaf to break a spell.
  • Go to the North again, this time, on the west, go North where you have to pass across a dangerous little part to reach for the Holy Grove
  • At the Holy Grove fight the mini boss Muffy, the prize of the battle will be the Holy Leaf.
  • Take the leaf to the BLUE spirit of the Eternal Spring, and it will give you a bottle of Spring Water.
  • Give the man in front of the Ice Cavern the Spring Water, and he will give you the Iceberg Tip in exchange for your help.

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