The Jennop doll.

Jennop is 'an old doll, but always willing to help.' He can be found east of the entrance to the red sea in Oceria.

This doll is very helpful. At level 11, he can increase the entire party's defense with Defna. At level 16, he can distract an enemy, making that enemy attack him instead of Liddell or the third party member, using Provka. At level 32, Jennop learns a suicide attack, Genossa. If Liddell is in danger and there is nothing left to help you, Jennop can use this attack to seriously wound an enemy. Unfortunately after using this attack, Jennop will be completely destroyed, and you will have to take him to Shadow Town with some rainbow thread to get him fixed. At level 51, Jennop learns Therapill. He can heal every member of your party after every turn in a battle, no matter what. Liddell's MP is also slowly restored. And at level 61, lastly, Jennop will learn Atkua, which increases attack level. He might be a little old, but he is always willing to help you through battle. 

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