Princess Kaguya

Kaguya is the ruler of Florin, a Kingdom whose beautiful plants came from heaven.

Personality Edit

Kaguya is a kind and gentle princess but she is also strong and determined with great resolve.

History Edit

Kaguya originally came from the moon but descended to Florin with plants from the heavens after the Eld Witch ruined Florin and killed Rapunzel.

She states that it is her duty to tend to the tortured souls of the Winged, and that when the day comes for her to return to her home, the Winged will no longer be sad.

The Lunar Dragon imprisoned Kaguya in a stalk of golden bamboo. After Liddell freed her, Kaguya gave her the Biota Abyss rune and opened the door to Oceria.

Abilities Edit

Kaguya is possibly immortal as she has lived for over one thousand years but has remained a young woman.

As the ruler of Florin, Kaguya possesses the Biota Abyss rune. Her magic can manipulate plants. Her doll can cast a powerful biota spell that summons vines to whip enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • She is based on Kaguya-hime from the Japanese folk tale The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.
    • Like her legendary counterpart, Kaguya came from a magical kingdom on the moon.
    • Kaguya's imprisonment in the golden bamboo stalk is a reference to her tale in which a bamboo cutter finds an infant Kaguya in a bamboo stalk. This also reflects her connection to Florin, the kingdom of plants.
  • She's widely considered to be the most beautiful of the six princesses.