Loue Art Concept


Liddell founds Loue Sleeping in his Coffin

"I failed to protect the Ancient Tome."

A vampire who was rudely awoken while sleeping in his coffin. He decides it is his duty to help Liddell on her journey. He is a kind gentleman, and his favorite food is tomatoes (not blood). He spends most of his time in his bat form because he doesn't want anyone to get suspicious of him in his true form. Princess Aquell from Oceria has a crush on him because at a point in time between the Great War and the game he saves her from an unknown peril, leaving her starry-eyed. He apparently doesn't return the feelings. At the end of the first play-through, he comforts Liddell, saying that it was once his job too 1000 years ago, before he disappears. In the second ending, his role changes drastically, as he gives Liddell a red pendent before she leaves the dream. He is also on a roof at Liddell's school before the game ends, hinting a sequel.

There have been hints that Loue has deep feelings for Liddell such as when you play Blackjack against him he says, "You might hate me for this." with an upset face.

It seems that Loue knew Alice before she became Queen, 1,000 years ago. When Liddell complains about him patting her head, he says that Alice didn't like it all that much either. It's likely that he was like a mentor and friend to Alice, as he is to Liddell now.

Torture Room

Loue's "Torture Room"

Despite being a vampire, his staple food is tomatoes, not blood (which Liddell finds lame). In battle, if Liddell and her dolls are defeated and she is in posession of a tomato, Loue comes to the rescue, restoring Liddell and her dolls to full HP/MP, as well as attacking the enemy once.

If Liddell goes to his castle once more before the credits roll, she can fight Loue, and he's an extremely strong opponent, possibly stronger then the princesses' guards, his favored magical alignement is Halloween Magic. If you manage to defeat him, he'll give you a mini 'Loue' Tauth Doll, which has a special skill called 'Mini Tomato'. This restores all of the party member's health to maximum as well as MP.