Game Intro


Cover of the released game for USA

A Witch's Tale

Is an RPG game for Nintendo DS platform.

Released in Japan as "Witch Tale: The Apprentice Witch and the Seven Princesses | ウィッチテイル 見習い魔女と7人の姫 | Witchi Teiru Minarai Majo to Shichinin no Hime".

Published by Nippon Ichi Software and developed by Hit Maker.


"Once upon a time over 1000 years ago a tribe of powerful witches lived beneath our world.

These ancient witches...created runes from the dark powers of the underworld; This rune magic was potent, but incredibly dangerous.

The witches grew jealous of the surface world, for theirs was filled with darkness and decay.

But the surface world was lush and beautiful, so the witches invaded the land and used their rune magic to wreak awful damage. The surface people had no defence against such power.

When all seemed lost, the mystical Alice appeared. The Young Queen was deeply disturbed by the bloodshed.

As she was able to use the rune magic, she used this power against the witches and sealed them away for good. Only Alice knows where the ancient magic is hidden nowadays.

The Eld Witch was sealed away as well, and rumor has it, she still lives deep beneath the earth.

As time went by, the rune magic dissapeared...Now, it is the forbidden magic...A legend that lives only in books and quiet whispers." (--Game Intro--)

Wanting to know more powerful magic, Liddell discovers her way through a castle where they said a dangerous magic could be found.

Awakening the guardian of that magic in the way she touched the ancient book in which the Eld Witch was sealed, releasing her.

Now Liddell will have to team up with the guardian, a vampire named Loue "to clean up the mess".

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