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Rapunzel is a winged and was once the princess of Florin 1,000 years ago before the war.

Appearance Edit

She is seen with a white dress that is about knee length and is strapless and has indigo wings. She has green eyes and long, straight, light brown hair that is about waist lengh. Her hair is braided on her left side and she wears red berries in her hair.

History Edit

She is the one who opens the gate to Florin for you (she appears as a ghost at the time). You can find her diary underground, on the west side of Florin, in the same place where you can get the bellflowers.

You are able to meet her in the second playthrough. You must go to the Reincarnation Rock and the ghost in front of it will let you in. When you step inside you will see ancient Florin. To meet Rapunzel you must first help a winged find her purse which you will find in a crystal (look like the ones where you find the princess dolls). After you break the crystal a girl named Anne will show up and ask you to play with her (you have no choice either way to play with her or not). After the two of you are finished she gives you a bracelet and you find out she is a princess. Then shes takes her leaves to do important princess duties. After you give the winged girl her purse back she askes if you have met Rapunzel and takes you to her. When you meet her you will ask if you two have met before but she says no (which the reason is because your in the past). At the end of your conversation she will give you a doll of her.

Trivia Edit

  • She is based on the German fairy tale Rapunzel.
    • She is found in the same place as the bellflowers, a reference to her fairy tale. Rapunzel is another name for rampion or bellflower, the plant Rapunzel father stole from the witch's garden.

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