Official art a witch s tale 6 by pikaspirit-d30uluq

The town Loue named 'Shadow Town'. Here, Liddell and exchange for items, heal herself and her dolls at the 'Demon Mouth Inn' and restore broken dolls with rainbow yarn. The town is uneffected by the Eld Witch in gameplay and the only people that seem to be there are Shadows that you can talk too. When the Candy Soldier 'Scotch' comes out of the Rem Sacchras door broken, Liddell and Loue take him to the Demon Mouth Inn to heal.


Doll Fixer

Owariko is the Shadow that fixes Liddell's Tauth Dolls when they break, if you give him the rainbow yarn to do it. When you first talk to him, he takes a intrest in Dayna, Liddell's first Tauth doll that is given to her by her mother. He claims she is rare and questions if the doll is from 'The Other Side'. After he says that, Liddell calls him creepy and puts Dayna away. Owariko also says that you can unlock the doll's special power is you have the right two Tauth dolls with you.

Changing ManEdit

Exchanging Shadow

Changing Man In Shadow Town

The changing man exchanges ingredients for better items.

When you first talk to him, he gives you five ribbit candies and

five mushroom beans.

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