Bloody Tears

A rabbit that forces its way before Liddell. It can be often heard singing, and its songs are very hypnotic.

He appears first in the game when you try to enter the castle in Rem Sacchras. He sings;

"Diamonds of a newborn star,

Ruby flood escapes the scar.

But the glass has cracked.

Smash the mirror to save the reflection,

And bring light once more."

He then appears in Al'Sahra after Liddell obtains the golden lamp. He sings;

"There exists a golden lamp held in a girls dark eyes,

The blinding lamp is lit and the fiery soul awakens.

But the light is extinguished...

Ahh, my eyes pain me so!

Sweet tears of torment..."

The last time he is seen in Al'Sahra , is in front of where

the castle sunk into the sand. He then sings;

"Beneath the burning sands...

The lunar kingdom dreams for 1,001 nights.

Marked by star fragments...

A path is revealed.

Unite the points of light and illuminate the truth."

His Quote: "Ahh, my eyes pain me so! Sweet tears of torment..."

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